Long-Term Training Course inFormal

This long term course gathers 35 educators coming from formal and non-formal background in order to develop their competences. This course is an attempt to use non-formal education as a tool for youth empowerment at local level and to build a stable and productive co-working platform for educators.

The LTTC consists of 3 residential seminars ( in Czech Republic, Luxembourg and South Korea)  and 3 complimenting activities: 2 rounds of online learning and a practice phase that involves mentoring and monitoring done by  the team of trainers – Natalia Chardymova, Jinsu Yom, Bogdan Imre.

As a general outcome, we expect our participants to improve their competences in non-formal education and in the topic of youth empowerment to better understand the interconnections between formal and non-formal education, training and labor market respectively and to improve quality of their work.


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“It is not easy to change the system, but it always possible to change the approach.”

– Natalia Chardymova  –

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