Supporting Materials and Publications

Manual for facilitators

in non-formal education involved in preparing and delivering the programme of study sessions at European Youth Centres (2009 EN)

Education Pack

Ideas, resorcesmethods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults.
Council of Europe


A manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance.


Manual on human rights education for children.
Human rights education and education for democratic citizenship

Trainer’s Warehouse Book of Games

Fun and energizing was to enhance learning,
(Elaine Biech, Editor)

HB for people working with youth groups

Handbook of Non-formal education practice in Lithuania.
(en web version)


Zero-Prep Team Builders
for All Ages

Non-Formal Learning Methods

A non-exhaustive
list of youth training methods
and their brief descriptions


T-kit 1

T-Kit 1: Organisational Management

For trainers,
staff and committee members
of international
youth organisations

T-kit 2

T-Kit 2: Methodology in Language Learning

For trainers,
language teachers,
language facilitators

T-kit 3

T-Kit 3: Project Management

For trainers
youth workers
running projects.

T-kit 4

T-Kit 4: Intercultural Learning

For trainers
and other
youth dealing with
intercultural issues

T-kit 5

T-Kit 5: International Voluntary Service

For trainers and young people interested and/or involved in international voluntary service activities and projects

T-kit 6

T-Kit 6: Training Essentials

All you need to know about Training. T-Kit addresses itself to trainers working within a European framework

T-kit 7

T-Kit 7: European citizenship in YWork

This T-Kit was developed
to find ways
to stimulate young people
to engage more in society

T-kit 8

T-Kit 8: Social Inclusion

For trainers
and youth workers
committed to work
for the inclusion of all

T-kit 9

T-Kit 9: Funding and Financial Management

Comprehensive overview
Educational Evaluation
in Youth Work.

T-kit 10

T-Kit 10: Educational Evaluation in YWork

overview of
Educational Evaluation
in Youth Work

T-kit 11

T-Kit 11 Mosaic: The training kit...

The training kit
Youth Work.

T-kit 12

T-Kit 12: Youth transforming conflict

The thematic field represented by the intersection between conflict, youth and educational

Compass English



Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Human Rights Education and Compass: an introduction

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Practical Activities and Methods for Human Rights Education

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Taking Action for Human Rights

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Understanding Human Rights

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Background Information on the Global Themes



Selected International Human Rights Instruments



brief explanation of the main concepts, conventions and terms